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My vintage rigs in Ithaca

My modern rigs in Ithaca

My shack in Ithaca, 2012

AM QSO party 2012

AWA AM QSO party award

AWA CW contest 2014

AWA CW contest award

At my workplace

Out relaxing

VE licensing session

Video Production

Don (AC2RS), Long Island

Don and myself at Field Day

Me working on SB104

Downey Woodpecker

Red-Headed Woodpecker

Just for fun, a vintage ad...

Faun found on our property

Janis the Space Cadet

Don: "Me, too!"

A tour of the N3IBX Collection

Joe (N3IBX) with a VERY large tube

Collins 32V

Collins 75A2


Argonne AR-57 Mike

Hammarlund SuperPro

Hammarlund HQ-120

WW2 BC-774/775/1004

An Ancient Mike

Heath AT-1 & Dx-35

HW-104 & SB-104

HW-104 & SB-104

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