Homebrew 6L6 Rig

I built the 6V6 oscillator rig with my son N2PNA when he first got his HF license. We finished it in 2 days on a Thanksgiving break from school. The first day, he worked VE3 Canada all the way down the east coast to Florida. Lots of fun!

This rig belongs to another ham. I helped him get it stabilized. It was oscillating. He now uses it with a nice Hallicrafters VFO. It uses a 6AG7 and a 6L6 for about 18 watts out on 80 meters. Plate voltage is much higher to take advantage of the bigger tube. Efficiency is better with the buffer stage. Chirp free on xtal or VFO. He is planning to add 40 meters with a plug in output coil. It has pi network output for easy matching instead of link coupling.

I plan to build one for myself when I have a chance.


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