Iambic CW Keying Myth

I learned on a J38, then a bug back in 1959. Later I got a first generation keyer and paddle. Got fairly good at it. Then Iambic came out, and never could pick it up. You can no longer find a standard keyer. You have to build one. I will have the project up here for that. Mostly you have to use an older non iambic paddle. I have Vibroplex keyer paddles and a Vibroplex Bug. And some nice keys too. There will be pictures up on this page showing them.

Check out FISTS (http://www.fists.org) and/or the Straight Key Century Club (http://www.skccgroup.com) for help getting started on CW.

In the meantime, here is a great article debunking the myth of the advantage of Iambic keying: http://www.cwops.org/pdf/iambicmyth.pdf.


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