Ten Tec 1225 Wattmeter Kit

The Ten-Tec 1225 Wattmeter has peak and average reading forward power ranges of 20 watts, 200 watts, and 2000 watts full scale. It is an illuminated cross needle analog display that shows reflected power in peak or average also. I leave this meter in line at all times to monitor transmitter and antenna performance. The reflected peak reading mode can pick up loose connections in the antenna. It goes together easily, with a large well-written assembly manual with sharp color pictures. Even the instructions to wind the sampling toroid are clear. Wire is Teflon or similar high quality insulation. The AC power adapter is not a switching power supply; I do not allow any switching power supplies in my radio room. The circuit boards are all double sided G-10 fibreglass boards with plated through holes. They are clean and take solder easily. All parts fit the holes properly.

Calibration is easy using the DC voltage method or comparing to a digital wattmeter I use on the test bench.

Nice job, Ten Tec! I hope to see more of this from them.

Don KC2VLI and I did this kit together so that he could experience the fun I had back in the 50s and 60s building kits. You will need a good temperature controlled soldering station to assemble this kit. You should have one on your workbench anyway.

Here is what you get when you unpack the shipping box to inventory the parts: (click on the pictures to enlarge)

Unassembled kit as shipped
This is the sensor board, where the sampling toroid mounts, with the associated parts.
Some of the resistor band colors are ambiguous to my eye. I checked them with a meter to be sure I was reading them correctly before I soldered them in. Not a big problem really.
This is the solder side of the sensor board assembly.

Perhaps cost wise, you might want to buy an assembled wattmeter. You do not save much money by building kits these days. On the other hand, if you like building, this is a good choice. Five stars out of five.


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