I have found the following equipment to be essential to work effectively on vintage and modern gear. Here is a list of my favorite examples of good gear, with photos of my collection. Please note that the numbers do not (yet) correspond to the order of the photos.

  1. Tube tester
  2. Capacitor tester
  3. LCR meter
  4. Crystal calibrator, multiple frequencies
  5. Frequency counter 150 MHz
  6. RF signal generator 150 KHz to VHF
  7. Precision RF signal generator with meter calibrated in uV
  8. Variable step attenuator
  9. Various small terminator resistors 50 Ohm, 75, etc
  10. MFJ-259 antenna analyzer
  11. Grid Dip Meter
  12. RF sweep generator
  13. Audio sine wave generator (with square wave output)
  14. Audio generator with sweep (for audio and low IF sweep)
  15. Audio Square wave generator
  16. Scope 20 MHz minimum
  17. Good scope probes
  18. Wideband VTVM (HP410)
  19. VTVM RCA Senior VoltOhmyst
  20. High Voltage Probe (50kV) for RF amplifiers
  21. RF probe for VTVM (DC)
  22. Demodulator probe for VTVM and scope
  23. VOM analog
  24. VOM digital
  25. RF & AF signal tracer
  26. Basic stereo amp and speakers with line input
  27. Power Supply dual tracking up to ±15 VDC @ 1 A
  28. Power Supply adjustable 50 Amp 13VDC with meters
  29. Digital Power supply ±12 & ±5 VDC (old computer supply)
  30. Variac with Isolation Transformer with meters
  31. High Voltage DC regulated Power Supply with bias and meters
  32. General purpose microphone to test transmitters
  33. Inexpensive Morse code Key to test transmitters
  34. RF dummy load 50 Ohm of sufficient wattage
  35. Digital Wattmeter (final test to power specs)
  36. Analog Wattmeter (easier to tune up)
  37. Speaker to test receivers
  38. General Coverage Shortwave Receiver (to look for spurious output)
  39. Decade Resistance Box (to provide resistors for testing)
  40. Box of capacitors to substitute for coupling and bypass caps
  41. Good temperature controlled Soldering Station 40 Watt
  42. Weller Soldering Gun 100/140 watt two step control
  43. Good quality 60/40 solder
  44. Rosin Solder flux
  45. Skotchbrite and sandpaper and files to clean for soldering
  46. BRIGHT flashlight
  47. Alignment tools
  48. Hand tools in good condition
  49. Small helper hands (test clip with heavy base)
  50. Small bench vise
  51. DE-OX-IT contact cleaner
  52. Alcohol
  53. Glues: Epoxy, Superglue, RTV (bathtub seal)
  54. Protoboard breadboarding system with wires
  55. Good magnifier system, self supporting
  56. Surface Mount Device tools
Wish list items:
  1. Scope 150 MHz
  2. Spectrum Analyzer up to 200 MHz
  3. Distortion Analyzer HP334A
  4. Commercial 2 way radio service monitor (deviation test FM)
  5. High output RF generator (Tektronics, 5V into 50 Ohms)

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