Re: The ARRL draft HF Band Plan Proposal,
FCC RM-11708, and other related subjects

My pages
FCC PSHSB 17-344: ARRL/Winlink comments at FCC Puerto Rico Hearings
Current Status of RM-11769, RM-11759, RM-11708, WT 16-239,
ARRL HF 75 Meter Phone Reduction and Free Digital EMail Petitions
FCC RM-11708, 11759 and WinLink - Legal or Illegal?
My Comments on RM-11769, RM-11708, and RM-11759
2015 July ARRL Board Minutes: Dumbing Down Ham Radio
Latest HF Band Plan Proposal And ARRL FCC RM-11708 Actions
 MY FINAL NPRM-11708 WT 16-239 COMMENTS (FCC RM-11708) 
My Counter Proposal to ARRL Draft HF Band Plan
ARRL draft HF Band Plan Proposal and FCC RM-11708
What the ARRL doesn't want you to find out!
The sinking of the BOUNTY replica
Microwave, the Real Future of EmComm
Other people's pages:
A member of ARRL's HF Band Planning Committee speaks out AGAINST it!!!
Steve (VE7SL) has also commented on this subject. Read his thoughts here or here.
Radio Amateurs of Canada's response to the ARRL
Radio Amateurs of Canada 0 - 30 MHz Band Plan  Effective Date: January 1, 2015
Read K7GO response to SailNet
A packet user comments against RM-11708
HF Radio vs Satellite Phones: What is Really Free?
HF Radio and Pactor Modems vs Satellite Phones for Email at Sea
US government paper on Pactor and Clover modes for HF email over amateur radio for EMCOMM
Eham forums during RM-11306 (a similar ruling that was dismissed, but valid today with RM11708)
W8JI technical article about the distortion products that HF email puts out
W8JI technical article about mixing wide and narrow band modes
This policy was rejected by the FCC before - for good reason!
ARRL Regulation by Bandwidth: History of a Failed Policy

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